the stark girls.

Every time we travel back to California to visit family around the holidays, lots of pictures are taken. Not just by me, but by my photographer sister-in-love, Jhen. So many that I’m STILL going through and editing them, 2.5 months later. I’ve realized that I take my time editing these because it’s a way for me to relive the time we spent back home.

Photography is how I express myself, so it’s been very important for me to depict emotion in my photographs. Jhen and I usually always discuss fun shoots we want to try before getting to California and this was a trip AND shoot I was so looking forward to and was really special since we were also meeting the newest addition, miss Joleen Rozlyn. We fortunately had the chance to be around most of her big sister Josselyn’s first two years of life. But since moving to Alaska in 2011, it’s been reduced to once a year which has made us more homesick than we knew.

Joleen has already grown immensely since these pictures were taken! She has a striking resemblance to her auntie Jacky and her uncle Jimmy (my husband), yet she still looks just like her big sister in so many ways. These precious girls have my heart (and they give me a huge baby girl fix, in a household of boys).


“A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Auggie:  As of lately, your newest thing is putting your toys in their buckets and cubbies, taking them out and repeating the cycle. You’re also starting to share. When we ask for a toy you’re holding, you without hesitation hand it to us. We are starting to see so much more of your personality and it’s been such a joy to see it develop. I love your heart and the kindness you’re already showing as an almost two year old.


“A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Auggie: Playing a few mornings ago next to the window. One of your favorite things to do is to play in the sun. Whether it’s outside, or in the little slivers of sunlight that come from the window. I find this to be a little ironic, seeing as how we live in Alaska where the sun shines significantly less than most places. Two of my favorite pictures of you (here and here) were taken with you basking in the window light with your airplane, and chasing your shadow. In less than two years we will be leaving from here on a new adventure and for your sake (and maybe partly ours) I hope it’s somewhere a bit more sunny.

Gabrielle Mccarthy - love how the light shows up the spikes in his hair- beautiful

Camilla V Espedal Hind - Oh my, how gorgeous!!! :)

Bridie Raj - such a beautiful glowing light in these photos, and on a side note, what fantastic hair!

Louise Gibbens - Stunning light. Wow x

California II.

A day in Ensenada and a day at sea. Being in Ensenada brought back memories of my childhood. Though I didn’t grow up in Mexico, the food and candy reminded me of days at the swap meet with my parents, and visiting both sides of grandparents. I bought a couple things and inhaled the tacos, chips + salsa, and strawberry margaritas we had. Here in Alaska there is hardly any good, authentic Mexican restaurants. The second half of the pictures were taken during our day at sea. I for one, am not good at puzzles in the slightest. So I just enjoyed watching my husband and his sister (who both happen to be puzzle geniuses) rediscover their love for puzzles. Around this time I was seriously missing our baby boy. Blogging warm, sunny pictures while sitting at my desk next to my window with a view of frosty trees and a snowy front yard is sure proving to be as therapeutic as I predicted!

Until next time.

Victoria / Justice Pirate - Such truly beautiful photos! I love how you can see your life and what you were doing without saying a word actually. It is nice to see you in an outfit again too! I loved your outfit posts in the past. I can totally see your missing August in your face in these shots too.


“A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Auggie: This week has been a little more challenging than usual. You are well on your way to cutting your second canine tooth and understandably, you’ve been in more pain which has resulted in more fussiness and clinginess. Not that I mind, because I happen to be loving the extra cuddles. On this day I saw the light hitting you so perfectly as you played on the floor and once you saw what I was doing you started to whine and crawl your way towards me for cuddles as I was snapping. I took this right before it occurred. Maybe I should be surprised that you’re cutting canines (and I’m pretty sure your molars are about to cut through, too) before your top teeth but in the 18 months you’ve been with us, I’ve discovered you prefer to do things your own way and at your own pace.

Anne Louise Love - He’s so gorgeous Jen. And that hair is totally amazing! Beautiful captures of your beautiful boy x

Veronica Rafael - gorgeous

Elena - Love everything about this! The lighting is fantastic! My youngest is teething too…but with her first tooth…hang in there mama!!! It will get better!!!