the stark girls.

Every time we travel back to California to visit family around the holidays, lots of pictures are taken. Not just by me, but by my photographer sister-in-love, Jhen. So many that I’m STILL going through and editing them, 2.5 months later. I’ve realized that I take my time editing these because it’s a way for me to relive the time we spent back home.

Photography is how I express myself, so it’s been very important for me to depict emotion in my photographs. Jhen and I usually always discuss fun shoots we want to try before getting to California and this was a trip AND shoot I was so looking forward to and was really special since we were also meeting the newest addition, miss Joleen Rozlyn. We fortunately had the chance to be around most of her big sister Josselyn’s first two years of life. But since moving to Alaska in 2011, it’s been reduced to once a year which has made us more homesick than we knew.

Joleen has already grown immensely since these pictures were taken! She has a striking resemblance to her auntie Jacky and her uncle Jimmy (my husband), yet she still looks just like her big sister in so many ways. These precious girls have my heart (and they give me a huge baby girl fix, in a household of boys).

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