California II.

A day in Ensenada and a day at sea. Being in Ensenada brought back memories of my childhood. Though I didn’t grow up in Mexico, the food and candy reminded me of days at the swap meet with my parents, and visiting both sides of grandparents. I bought a couple things and inhaled the tacos, chips + salsa, and strawberry margaritas we had. Here in Alaska there is hardly any good, authentic Mexican restaurants. The second half of the pictures were taken during our day at sea. I for one, am not good at puzzles in the slightest. So I just enjoyed watching my husband and his sister (who both happen to be puzzle geniuses) rediscover their love for puzzles. Around this time I was seriously missing our baby boy. Blogging warm, sunny pictures while sitting at my desk next to my window with a view of frosty trees and a snowy front yard is sure proving to be as therapeutic as I predicted!

Until next time.

Victoria / Justice Pirate - Such truly beautiful photos! I love how you can see your life and what you were doing without saying a word actually. It is nice to see you in an outfit again too! I loved your outfit posts in the past. I can totally see your missing August in your face in these shots too.

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