“A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Auggie: Self-feeding has been probably one of your biggest challenges in terms of development and milestones. But these past few months you’ve been doing so great. I’ve loved watching your eyebrows furrow when you stared down at a piece of food in your hand and weren’t sure about it. The way your fingers straighten out as you bring the food to your mouth and the disappointment when sometimes you straightened out your hand too soon and the food fell back onto your tray. I would be lying if I said meal times weren’t frustrating for me, too. But every single piece of food I’ve picked up off the floor and your tray, every swipe of a napkin across your mouth (this mama needs to get better at accepting that toddlers eating meals= messy) has been well worth it. You can’t speak yet, but somehow I know that when you smiled and clapped along with me after finishing a meal, it was a smile of accomplishment.

Tanya King - Love these photos.So wonderful to cherish every milestone.

Sharon Mahurin Rivera - Love him. He’s so cute!!

Victoria / Justice Pirate - Oh yes, toddlers are very messy eaters. Sometimes my nearly 7 year old is too! I am pretty sure that is something teen boys do as well! haha.
That is so wonderful about his self-feeding milestone!!! You go Mom!! Love these photos.

Elena - What a precious little guy!!!! Being a mama is so hard and so rewarding at the same time…. I know I find myself taking a breathe and reminding myself just how little time I will have with them as little as they are…it is not always fun but, you’re right, it is so worth it!

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