to auggie on his first birthday.

To my son,

One year ago today you made your entrance in to the world. It was quite the dramatic entrance, too. At three weeks early we were unprepared and to be honest…a little frightened. And when I got to hold your tiny 4lb self, I was afraid that if I made the most sudden or unexpected move, you’d break. You were so fragile. During the moments when it was just you and me I studied every single detail of your face, trying to decipher who’s features you had. I came up with: My nose and lips, and your daddy’s eyes.

One year ago today, I cried what felt like an endless amount of tears. I was emotional for the same reasons every brand new mother was. I just couldn’t believe you were here. I was so happy. But if I’m being completely honest here,  there were not just tears of happiness in those alone moments between us as I watched you sleep in your incubator.  I cried tears of fear, too. But more on that later.

You see, as you get older you’ll come to realize that to some people, you may come off as “different”.  Or you may stand out. And you know what? You do stand out. But you stand out in the best way. Did you know that every single time your daddy and I take you somewhere with us, you get noticed? People smile at you, stop us simply just to tell us how sweet and cute you are, and are instantly drawn to you? So yes, you do stand out. Only in the most positive, inspiring way.  And anyone who thinks otherwise is not worthy of the privilege of being in your life anyway.

Which brings me back to fear. I want you to know that I’m sorry I didn’t understand you. When you were born, I was terrified, worried, and overly paranoid for your health. For your future. Everything. But not even a few months later, that fear quickly vanished and I realized how wrong I was. I watched you overcome frustrations , only to go on and reach those milestones. I watched your personality blossom into the silly, spunky, playful little boy that you are. You are determined, motivated, impatient, and so eager to learn. And we are so proud of you. Someone once brought up to me how amazing it is that a baby so young and so little can be such a HUGE inspiration to so many. And I know exactly what she means. You’re my inspiration. You’re my hero.

August, You are perfect. Perfect to us, and more importantly perfect to The One who created you. Though we will probably have disagreements later down the road and we’ll probably have some days where we just can’t seem to see eye-to-eye on anything, your daddy and I will never stop telling you these simple words:


You are more than we ever hoped for, and we wouldn’t change a single thing about you. Not now, not ever.


Happy First Birthday, sweet boy. We love you so much.

-Mama and Daddy.

Kaeli Elyse Burton McAuley - So, so beautiful <3

Brianna Barholm - Beautiful(:

Beverly M. Homick - So beautiful!

Victoria / Justice Pirate - This is beautiful.
My sons were looking at the photos you took of him as I was reading it and my eldest said, “He’s so cute! What’s his name?” So I told him. Then my 4 year old said, “I like him!! Let’s be his friend!”
They didn’t notice him being different at all. They are really loving and compassionate of all people in general. I hope August had a beautiful and wonderful birthday!!!!!

Walkiria B. - ¡Happy birthday to the beautiful fighter!
I’m a follower of your blog since a while. Sorry for my bad english (I’m from Argentine).
You and your husband are an inspiration for my and my boyfriend.
Thanks for sharing your happiness with the world.

¡I wish the best for you and your amazing family!

Walkiria B.

J. - Such a sweet post! Happy birthday to him!! ♥

Jayla Turner - Beautiful! Happy birthday handsome!

Jasmin Marie - Thanks Auggie. you make all other things special. You have a great mom and a great family. Happy birthday and I hope to be able to hug you someday.

Liz DeRossi - Beautiful!! Made me cry! Happy Birthday to him and may God keep blessing him with many more 😉

Alex Hegg - I teared up reading this! It’s beautiful written! And auggie is perfect:)

Jannetje Markus-Rankin - I teared up. This is so beautiful!

Noemi Castillo - Oh gosh this made me cry. We may not share the same difficulties and fears I understand you. I always thing about my son and his future. He may not seem different than other kids but he is. He’s not potty trained for a 4 year old and I fear he won’t by the time he’s 5. I fear to be looked down because he doesn’t speak like other kids and what other people think.

But I’m also learned that in the end all that matters is making our kids happy and our families too.

Jenna Christine Rhodes - This is beautifully written Jen 🙂 so glad I have gotten to watch your little man grow on FB!

Billie Jeanne Walker - So precious!!! Happy Birthday Auggie!

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