these two.

I don’t have many things to say tonight. Except that I’ve loved watching them interact more than ever lately. Auggie finds his daddy incredibly fascinating and loves to stare into his eyes and touch his face. Although I’m usually the one who makes him laugh, his eyes are fixated on daddy as soon as he spots him across the room and he refuses to look away until he’s in his arms. He recently started smiling at him and it’s been quite simply, the sweetest thing. Having a son has made me happier than I ever thought I could be…but seeing him with his daddy has brought out emotions in me that I’ve never experienced. I am absolutely in love with my boys.

clothed much, a modest fashion blog - he is SO cute!

Elaine Hearn - He is SO cute!

Cecilia - Children like this are truly a big blessing, I know my baby boy is! Like someone once told me, “I truly believe God chooses the perfect mothers for these kids”. You seem to be doing amazing and your family is absolutely beautiful.

Daphne Mitra - The pictures as always say a thousand words at the same time — beautiful photos of your two boys 🙂

I guess this is more than just having an eye for detail because you are taking photographs of the two most important people in the world to you. In any case, I have seen your other photos and I think they are lovely!

Daphne xx

Diane - Love these pics! So great!

Victoria / Justice Pirate - Awww that’s so beautiful! Loved seeing the Daddy/Auggie photos.

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