Jimmy has been in VA for work since last weekend, so it’s just been Auggie and me and while our day time routine has remained the same, it’s the nights that just feel weird and lonely without him here. Thankfully Auggie helps me with that. He’s such a happy, playful little boy who also happens to be a night owl like his mama. Needless to say, he keeps me on my toes. Sometimes in a frustrating way, but mostly in the best way possible. While one of my boys is gone, I’m grateful for our tiny little boy to love on and cuddle with until our family is whole again. Today consisted of physical therapy, editing and snacking while he napped, and lots of cuddles and play time when he woke up from his nap, and Skyping with daddy. We didn’t leave the house but we still had fun. Sometimes that’s not always the case, but today it was. I love my family.

nicole - so sweet 🙂 sometimes those days are the best…filled with nothing by lovins!

Larissa - He is just so precious. His messy hair and adorable faces! You have the most beautiful family.

Monica - Oh. my. glob.


Daphne Mitra - Lovely photos 🙂

Your baby is becoming such a big, healthy, and always smiling little boy.

Alice - He’s getting so big!! Yay for happy days at home 🙂 x

Victoria / Justice Pirate - Aw, those type of days are so nice. I am glad that you were able to relax and skype and such. His cheeks are so cute with his smile!! aww.

Elly Louise - What a gorgeous little boy and his beautiful mama, your hair looks stunning too! Love these photos, keep up the happy times. x

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