Remembering Summer.

Not a lot of words today. Just some pictures I stumbled across recently. I can’t believe these were taken just six months ago. It’s really strange seeing Auggie that small when I know him so much as the babbling, raspberry blowing, little boy I can bounce on my lap and lift up over my head. I can’t wait for green grass and sunshine again. And the fact that I get to enjoy it with what will be a one year old. So crazy how fast time flies when you become a mom!

Hannah Becker - Jen,

I have been following you and your family’s journeys as per your posts on here and instagram for quite some time. I have been blessed by your honesty and heart in your posts and conversations as a result of your son. I have a few questions for you…possibly. My best friend just found out since her son was born that he was down syndrome. She is devastated. I have a degree in special education and knowledge about some of a child’s needs after working for quite some time with young children with special needs but could you possibly offer some advice that could be given to this mother? I would appreciate any knowledge you have on this area.

Thank you.

Hannah Becker

Victoria / Justice Pirate - Looks like it was so beautiful.

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