six months.

Today mister Auggie turned six months old. To some, I may be coming off as over-the-top for how much emphasis I’ve put on his half birthday, but that doesn’t really matter to me. I have even bigger plans for his first birthday! Last night Jimmy and I were talking on the couch and looked over at him sleeping peacefully in his swing with his thumb half way in his mouth (he’s figured out that his hands, particularly his thumbs are yummy) and began talking about the day he was born and how we’ve never been so scared in our entire lives. How his heart rate dipped so low with each contraction that in a matter of seconds no less than 15 nurses and doctors were in our delivery room. How when he finally came out into this world, my midwife who delivered him breathed a sigh of relief as she said, “He’s breathing. He’s alive.” and how seconds after I heard his first cries. How my husband watched as the nurse with the incubator waiting to take him to the NICU was told he can leave, that the baby didn’t need to go. On the couch I asked Jimmy, “Could you imagine how things would be if he didn’t make it?”. He said he didn’t want to. And neither do I. So today we ARE celebrating his precious life and this 6 month mark. And you better believe when his one year comes, we’re gonna celebrate like it’s nobody’s business.

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Victoria / Justice Pirate - He is so beautiful. It is crazy to think how fast these past few months have breezed by!! Love these shots of him!

Sara - Celebrating with you! What a wonderful life!

Sarah - Happy half birthday, sweet Auggie! Sending so much love to you three!

Elly Louise - I’m new to this blog and your story but your words, your family and your strength and love for each other are already so evident. What a gorgeous little boy, I wish you all the best of luck and happy half birthday Auggie! x

Rondeigh Zsavue - my heart cannot contain the joy of reading this, and so it must overflow in form of tears. love you guys SO much!!!

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