Aching For California.

So we got kind of swept up with the holidays and this little blog of mine has suffered for it. I’m sorry, but not sorry at the same time. This has been an amazing holiday season. We had family visit, then flew together to visit more family in California and Auggie got to meet even more family members who have anxiously awaited for the last 4 and a half months. However, being back home with just the three of us has been kind of depressing. I still can’t wait for Christmas, and to celebrate as a family of three for the first time. But to go from constantly having so many people around and the company to just me and Auggie while Jimmy’s at work is hard. The house is quieter, other than the tv that I leave on all day for background noise. It’s safe to say that Jimmy and I are kind of sad. We want California again. In California, Jimmy skydived for the first time along with his mom, his brother-in-law and best friend, we took Auggie to Disneyland for the first time, I reunited with my best friends back home and we just spent so much needed quality time with everyone. I’m willing to admit that the 10am sunrise/4pm sunsets and negative temps probably do play a part in some of the sadness I feel being back home, but I don’t miss the events that occurred in California. I miss the people. I miss the conversations. I’ve never really been fond of goodbyes, but this particular goodbye was the hardest one, and I think it’s because we have a baby now and I can’t stand taking him away from people who love him so much and have spent such little time with him. Even though it’s been two years since Jimmy has been in the Air Force, I’m beginning to realize now how hard being a military family can be. So this will likely be my last sad/bummed out post on the subject, but I needed to let it out. And if you don’t mind, I’ll be posting more California pictures. Because looking at them and talking about it actually makes me feel better.

I know it’ll be a great Christmas, it’s our very first one with our sweet boy after all. Plus, we have an amazing military family and support system here. And I believe if we truly celebrate our Savior’s birth (the reason for the season), our hearts will mend and instead of sadness, we can patiently await the anticipation and happiness of seeing family again.

gina - Merry Christmas ……. You have a great looking family …

nicole - Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Cali! What part of the state are you from? We live in NorCal and have been raised here our whole lives 🙂

I hope you were able to enjoy your Christmas even though you weren’t home with family, in California! I totally agree that if your hearts celebrate Jesus’ birth then God will hopefully bring some peace and happiness even though you’re far from the ones you love 🙂

Merry Christmas sweet girl!

Adele - Your family is so cute <3 I'm glad you had an amazing time in California! Looks/sounds like fun 😀

Jhen.Stark - This makes me do happy! I totally started crying reading it!!!! I dislike that all we have is Skype and even that hasn’t been working for us!!!! I miss you guys so much! So so much! But…. Love the pics!!!!! Especially the one with Jossie’s Tories holding Auggie!

Steph - Aw what lovely pics & how brave is your husband to go sky diving!! The thought terrifies me but it must have been so much fun. It sounds like you had an amazing time in California too. I know how hard goodbyes to family are. I live in a different country to my family too and it’s really difficult only seeing them for a couple of weeks here and there. My boyfriend’s in engineering so we’re in the same boat of moving around. But I agree, it’s never goodbye forever and the times you do have with family are even more special. I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your husband and adorable little boy 🙂 xx

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