3 months old and a strong little boy.

3 months old now, but 4 months at the end of November. I feel as though he gets bigger and bigger every time I blink. He no longer has that newborn baby-ness to him and is starting to know who we are. As he’s getting older we’re starting to work more with his physical, occupational, and speech therapists for his development. Right now we’re working on positioning and I’ve been giving him tons of tummy time so he can work on his neck strength to hold up his head. Since his birth and at all of his appointments, I’ve been told and warned that his milestones will be delayed and his growth slow. For the most part it’s been true, but when those milestones he already reached came (like laughing and smiling) I cried such happy tears and we celebrated like nobody’s business. That’s not to say that milestones for babies with typical chromosomes aren’t as big of a deal, not at all! But we are big on encouraging our little guy and letting him know how proud of him we are with cheering, kissing, and loving on him…24-7, but especially when he does something new. Every day he surprises me with how hard he works at lifting his head, rolling over (which he also learned how to do within the last few weeks) and being active. He is such a strong little boy and I’m so proud of him. And that personality of his…well, these photos don’t even do it justice! He is our strong, silly, and spunky Auggie and we will love him till the end of time, no matter how fast or slow he learns.

Anna - He is the cuttest boy I have ever seen.
Love your blog

Bmar - Wow! I caught up with your blog today. I had not read it since you announced your pregnancy. (just got busy). Your baby boy is so very handsome! Those eyes are beautiful!
You look super great too!
I am so glad you are using a maya wrap for him. I wore both my babies. My baby was incredibly needy. He was right next to me until he found a little indepence at about 3years old. He slept in bed with us. Took showers with me. Constantly with me. Yeah people told me he was a mommas boy. Or that he was spoiled. Guess what? He just turned 16 years old. He is the sweetest and hardworking teenager. Goes out with his friends. Takes classes at community college. Soon he will be driving. I will forever be glad that I let him cling to me when he needed me.
Enjoy your baby boy. It goes by so incredibly fast. Hold him, smell him, love him.
Congratulations to you and your husband!

kumagirl - So glad to see Auggie is thriving! What a cutie pie.

Jensen - He is so stinkin’ cute! & those eyes– they’re magical.

R O X Y M A R J - Jen, I just found your blog today and am SO IN LOVE! I cannot tell you how adorable your guys’ little boy is, and how lucky you are to have him! My husband and I both have volunteered with special needs kids, mostly ones with downs and it’s the most heart warming thing to be around their special spirits…I’ve always thought that they know way more than us “developed” adults…. and I truly believe that those who are blessed with children who do have some kind of disability must be special parents themselves. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog. 🙂 xo

jhen.stark - YAY for Milestones! Yay for that personality! Yay for tummy time! Yay for hugs and kisses! Yay for this family I love so much! He’s getting so big! I LOVE THESE POSTS!

Rondeigh Zsavue - Tears of pride and joy.

Karla - Way to go, Auggie!! <3

Victoria / Justice Pirate - That is so great about the progress he is making for each milestone! You two are such joyful and wonderful parents and I am so glad to read up on how all is going for you in motherhood. You excel in all things. May the Lord bless August always. He is so handsome and so sweet!!

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