Babywearing my boy.

These pictures are almost a month old but I saw them sitting in my Auggie folder so I decided to post them since they are, after all, some of my favorite pictures to date. At three months old now, he has definitely entered the I-want-mommy-and-nobody-else stage. He wasn’t even completely comfortable with Jimmy holding him until just this week. It’s getting a little better and he’s becoming more comfortable with his daddy, but it still breaks my heart to hear him cry for me when I set him down and try to get things done. My Maya Wrap has been my lifesaver for this reason alone. I usually only wear it when we go places (I despise carrying the car seat around…too heavy! And plus, he’s not a big fan of it). But with this clingy stage he’s in I’ve been wearing him around the house and it’s helped me get those dishes from piling up or the laundry sorted and put away. He’s not going to be this little for much longer so I’m going to cherish and savor holding and cuddling him for as long as I can.

Valéria Paim - Congratulations for your family is beautiful. I wish much joy, love and peace to you. I love your blog, your looks and your photos.
Sorry if I wrote something wrong, because I am Brazilian and I do not know very well English, I speak only Portuguese.

Lana Marie - Jen!! I LOVE these pictures!!!!!! Sweetest ever!!!!!! See you soon! 🙂

kumagirl - Cute, cute, cute baby!!!

Kim - Look at all that hair!! So adorable.

Stephanie - These photos are so sweet, you can really see the bond between you and your adorable son xx

Victoria / Justice Pirate - These photos are so beautiful and the top two . . .one of them needs to be framed forever in your home!!! So lovely. My secondborn son was extremely attached to me like that and I wore him all the time. Your wrap is really lovely! I like the color too!

Cecilia - These pictures are absolutely adorable (: I purchased a maya wrap a couple of weeks ago and I’m hoping my little one will like it!


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