gardening in alaska.

In an effort to feel less trapped in the house, me, Auggie, Jimmy and his mom who was staying with us for a few weeks to help out after the baby was born went outside and prettied up our front yard a bit (well more like, Jimmy did most of it and we sat on chairs and watched). It’s already started to get much colder since then, with rainy days everyday and the trees filled with orange and red leaves. It’s absolutely gorgeous in Alaska right now. I’ll have to take some photos to prove it!

Looking at these pictures are so bittersweet, Auggie was barely under two weeks old and still in preemie clothes! Now my boy is growing and has definitely outgrown those preemie clothes. See for yourself!

My sweet boy is growing right before my very eyes. In just a few short days he will hit his 2 months. I want to take as many pictures as I can to remember him being this little!

Richelle - omgggg he looks so cute in a fluffy blanket!!!!!

Erin - Your blog is so cute! I enjoyed reading about your wedding.

Jaimee - Those two pictures of you and little Auggie melt my heart. I can’t wait to have a yard to plant loads of sunflowers and other pretty things in.

Amber Bartlett - What a sweet, SWEET baby. I want to cuddle him.

Rondeigh Zsavue - HEARTMELT!!! Missing you all SO much! Thank you for allowing me to be part of those first few weeks,

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