post baby.

This was me at 6 weeks postpartum and surprisingly after a rough delivery and somewhat rough recovery in the hospital, I feel good as new. Shortly before and after the baby was born I worried about how I’d handle my new body and the extra pounds that may or may not stay. Now, I don’t mind so much. Which I realized is a huge step up from where I used to be over a year ago and how I felt about my weight. So I am well on my way to being just fine with my slightly more prominent hips and behind 😉 Pregnancy really is a beautiful thing. Aside from some of the emotions and complications I had, I felt like I was glowing, and like my body was made for this. Which makes the thought of having more little ones that much more exciting! (Don’t get any ideas, though…that won’t happen anytime soon).

Sunyoung - I would also love to know about the boots [:

There are not many blogs that I remember and search by their url (I usually scroll through the list on blogger), but your story has touched me deeply. I haven’t visited in a long time, but I wanted to check up on how your family of three are doing. I hope and wish the best for Auggie and Merry Christmas!

Marcela - I came to say the exact same thing about those killer boots 😛

Kelsey - Absolutely LOVE those boots! Where are they from?

Jaimee - beautiful as always. and pregnancy did something amazing to your hair! i’m so envious.

Victoria / Justice Pirate - That is super fast to be able to get that post baby weight off! It took me about 6-14 months for each of my boys. You look great.

nicole - you’re looking quite fabulous m’dear 🙂

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