a boy and his dog.

Before Auggie arrived we worried about how him and Layla would get along. Layla never shows agression so we weren’t worried about that, but she is a hyper dog. But it seems as though Layla is incredibly curious and always wants to sniff him, sometimes lick him (which we stop her from doing) and just stare at him in wonder. I’ll take this over her being annoyed with Auggie for sure! Layla still prefers us and wants to cuddle with us, but every so often I catch sweet moments like this. Yeah, I think they’re going to be great friends.

Amelia - oh this is the most precious thing in the world!

Nnn - You’re doing your son a favor by raising him with an animal, will have a stronger immune system as a result of exposure. Not to mention compassion and unconditional love from animals :] I would be more concerned if a child were to be exposed to an unfamiliar dog over anything else.

Jena - I have looked through a ton of your posts just in the last ten minutes and am touched by your and your husbands journey through life. I wish you the best. I work with adults that have down syndrome and truly believe they are the best people to be around. They are surely the most special and caring human beings. My heart is about to explode. 🙂

Victoria / Justice Pirate - we had worries of our dog too like that and the same thing happened. it is so cute to see how dogs and babies interact!!! SO sweet.

Rondeigh Zsavue - Research has shown that having clean pets around infants can actually help infants build up their immune systems. As far as Layla licking Auggie, bear in mind that a dog’s tongue, while it’s a “washcloth” for grooming itself, it’s also the built in toilet-paper 😉

I LOVE these pictures. Absolutely LOVE them. I love the boy and his dog even more — and definitely the boy more than his dog 😀

Amy M. - I cannot even handle how cute these pictures are!

Suzi Leigh - Animals and babies can be great friends! We have 2 cats and I was terrified of how they would interact with my son when he was born, they were great! They mostly avoided him until he started crawling and realized that he could chase them 😛 She might change her tune a bit when he’s a toddler and is learning that tails are not toys, but even then, it’s wonderful to see our animal babies playing with our human babies 🙂

Laurel - I like how you added your dog is clean. Lol! It’s true! Ill vouch for you! Layla is way cleaner than Phoebe is!

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