37 weeks and the home stretch.

I’ve been a little bit behind on this blog, but I’m sure my reason is self-explanatory. I’m about to pop! Although yesterday was my 37 week mark and I am now full term, it’s looking like our little guy will be coming not in August anymore, but at the end of this month! Of course, things can always change and we all know how unpredictable giving birth and laboring can be…but I am scheduled for induction on the 29th and will be 39 weeks along. It’s so weird to have a date and know that he will be coming to meet us within hours of that date. Whether it be 4 hours (wishful thinking, I know) or 24 hours. He is definitely coming, and in July! That leaves Jimmy and I two weeks to get our last minute things done. I’m even a little bit scared myself to share how much more needs to be done…especially to those who are planners and usually have things squared away by 30 weeks, you might stress out FOR me! But don’t worry, oddly enough I’ve been really calm about it and taking it day by day. And when I’m not calm, I have my super laid back husband to calm me down. We are indeed professional procrastinators…I cannot deny it. But I’m confident that when it’s time, it won’t really matter whether the dresser is painted or whether or not we have the storage boxes for underneath the changing table. Plus, the further I get into this pregnancy the more I hear that you never really feel like everything is done anyway. I’m sure when we finish it all, 20 more to-do things will pop up in my head 🙂

And not to worry, you will definitely be seeing me again before he arrives! I have a special post planned for some thoughts on my pregnancy, the babe’s health, and just overall feelings that I’ll be writing up soon 🙂

Agnieszka - He is his father’s son! His dad was the same way. Gave us a lot of a lot of belly shows. Rolling and knciikg from one side to the next. I think he’s going to look like his daddy! Can’t wait to see him and hold him!!!!!!Glad you’re doing well. Take care and give my boy a big hug for me.Love you

Abbey - I love love love that skirt!

Lin - Hope you have a safe delivery! I had Dr. Ellemberger for my c-section and she was amazing. Most of the Drs. at L&D are pretty great. I am sure that everything will go great. Trust me when I say the only thing that baby is gonna need is breast milk, diapers, swaddling and lots of love. They are so easy (besides sleep deprivation) at the beginning. Wait til he’s 1, mine is driving me crazy…lol. You look amazing for full blown pregnant BTW. Good Luck and Congrats!

Agnes - You are sooososo beautiful!!!

Kathy Haikey - Praying for a safe and healthy delivery. God’s got this baby’s birthday all picked out! 🙂

Niquelle - I’m so excited for you! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I am so glad to see you carrying full term, and being so at ease with everything. God’s got it all under control, so there really is nothing to worry about =)

P.S. Your hair looks beautiful straightened!

Victoria / Justice Pirate - Happy homestretch!!! Pregnancy has helped your hair grow and look lovely!

rachael - beautiful pictures! your hair is so long! 🙂

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