33 weeks and no more jeans.

33 weeks. It feels SO weird to be this far along. The best kind of weird, of course. This week has brought on some new things, like AWFUL heartburn that makes me want to cry/pass out/throw up all at the same time, back aches, and a huge lack of energy. Thankfully there has been no swelling…but we’ll see, right? All these things I could do without. But they are sweet little reminders that my little is doing okay in there, and is well on his way and coming very soon.

everything is thrifted except for the tights (target) and flats (F21)

I sometimes wear my jeans still, but for the most part try to avoid them since they aren’t as comfortable as my maxi skirts or dresses. Plus, when you have indents on your hips from them, it’s probably a sign to put them away for a little bit. So on a dreary day such as the one in these pictures I opted for tights and a cardigan. The weather has significantly changed since then and the sun is now shining and the temps are in the 70s (Which is hot for Alaska). Yesterday I wore cut off shorts! I know, cut off shorts on a big ol pregnant girl doesn’t sound right…everything was covered up and I was perfectly modest, though. No worries.

sue wheelock - The heartburn is the WORST! I had it so bad and it’s awful. In a few weeks though all of that will go away, you’ll have a new baby in your arms AND you’ll be able to bend over and touch your toes. Exciting stuff to look forward to.

Stephanie - Beautiful bump 🙂

Anni - You look so beautiful. The babyboy will be so proud of his mom. I wish you all the best for the last weeks 🙂 Try to write often during the upcoming weeks, otherwise i would be concerned.


Victoria / Justice Pirate - supposedly heartburn means your little one has a lot of hair. I guess you’ll find out for sure. hehe. What a beautiful dress!

Aarika Webb - Girl, I am going to be SO jealous if your post baby bod! I had to stop wearing jeans at like… 7 weeks! >_< You look SO beautiful! I genuinely can't wait to see your little guy… we're praying hard for him here in Delaware!

Amelia - jen! you look great & i cannot wait to meet your new little guy!

Sara V - Oh man, you are so cute! And I LOVE thrifting! I feel like all my favourite clothes comes from Thrift Stores. Don’t worry…it will all go away soon (all those symptoms) and you’ll forget you ever had them. And then during a really bloated afternoon….you’ll remember.

Blair Van Bussel - You look amazing my friend! Tip: Gaviscon is AMAZING for pregnancy heart burn….lasts WAY longer than TUMS (and of course, baby friendly) 🙂

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