A simple kind of life.

Lately I’ve been all about soaking up family time before the little comes. So all about it, that I haven’t really been up to date on pregnancy photos or taking many photos other than for work. Usually I’d be sad and feel an intense need to bust out the camera and document some family time, but I realized those family moments between us have been so much more enjoyable without feeling the need to take pictures and post. Things will be changing for us very soon and we are making the most of husband and wife time while he kicks away in my belly 🙂 31 weeks down, who knows how many more to go! A lot of friends and family are predicting that he’ll be coming mid to late July instead of August…Guess we’ll see!

Fernanda - Enjoy this time. Enjoy it daily.

Victoria / Justice Pirate - I wish I could hear the music being played!!

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