All things baby.

Remember how I said in my last baby update that I felt like I popped? Well, I take that back. I actually knocked over something on the kitchen counter with my belly this morning. It was awesome, and I’m not being sarcastic. I’m loving the extra amount of activity I’ve been feeling from him lately and I’m cherishing this time before things start to get real uncomfortable. Since Jimmy has been out of the country the whole month, I haven’t made too many purchases for the babe yet other than some impulse purchases on clothes and tiny little shoes above (already taking after his momma and building up a shoe collection…uh oh), but once he gets back I know I’ll be pretty anxious to start on the nursery. That’s what pinning does to you! I have so many ideas floating around my head since I want his nursery to be DIY’ed to the max…other than furniture of course. There’s something more special to me about handmaking some of the things that we’ll be putting in his room (even though I’m not the slightest bit crafty). So we’ll see how that goes 😉 I’ve got a slightly busy weekend ahead but after that I’m looking forward to some relaxation and hopefully before I know it, the arrival of my sweet husband who I’m missing pretty badly right about now.

Happy weekend!

Victoria / Justice Pirate - awww that’s really great that you get to feel as you do instead of completely lonely or something. These clothes are adorable and so are you!!!!

Jennifer Hammer - Yes!!! We NEED to hang out!!

Amber - So sweet, Jen!

Also! My brother will be stationed in Alaska in July so I will be visiting at some point! :]]

Rebekah - Oh my word. The owl hat is beyond adorable. Just had to say that. =]

sue wheelock - How funny that you posted this today, because I also did a post today about clothes for the little one in my tummy! And as far as the nursery goes, I’m totally DIY’ing it too! I’m waiting until after my baby shower next month to get started but I have soo many ideas. I’m also going to attempt to start sewing baby outfits (we’ll see how that goes) lol.

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