The Segui’s, Anchorage, Alaska Photography

I am a tad behind on blogging my sessions but here is my attempt at stepping it up! Danielle and Tony were some of my first clients that I got to “practice” with. We went to a beautiful creek and had so much fun taking these. I must have tripped about 30 times jumping from rock to rock but hey, I will do almost anything for the sake of good photos. Almost. Danielle has been a huge encouragement to me while I’ve been in the process of starting up my business and I’m thankful for all her kind words and helping spread the word about me!

Shu Baerlocher - Thanks for your justification. I love read it Marcy

BeaMar - You captured her eye color beautifully. My daughter has similar eyes. I try to get her in light that brings out her eye color. Good job!

Mary Claire - Love these, Jen! All of the fall colors are so so great. Her eyes are so gorgeous 🙂

dina vanessa mercado - sweet, romantic and fun!!! love love love the photos… you really are a gifted photographer, i sooo admire you. you caught the emotions on each photo… love you so much.. love your blog, following you now, hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!

rachael - danielle looks like my friend anna, so this session made me happy! she lives in the UK and I live in Canada.

jennifer blair - These are beautiful!

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