Just Because.

Once upon a rainy day we went driving around and window shopped at a few stores followed by dinner. It’s not rainy anymore which makes it a lot harder to drive in snow, but I love our “Just because” days and make sure to cherish them as much as I can. Especially during times like these when things are a bit busier and our dates are fewer and further between. But I’m not complaining because the holidays are about to begin and that means more date nights in the comfort of our own home with movies, hot chocolate, and popcorn!

Happy Monday!

Amy - You are your husband are so dang cute!! I’m Amy, one of the girls who is using one of your photos for our outfit inspiration in our Open to Interpretation series next week. Love your style!

rachael - nothin better than a sun shower!

hannah - I must say, your blog has got to be my favorite one to read! You two are just adorable 🙂

Amanda - You two are so cute! Is he fist pumping?

Love the pictures of the rain! Gorgeous!

Victoria / Justice Pirate - gorgeous photos. I love hot chocolate and popcorn! I already am making them though here hehehehehe. HOpe you don’t get TOO much snow there.

amber, this is the life - you guys are so cute!! i love just because days 🙂

Juliet - You two are so cute!

Xochilt Perez - you guys are adorable!

Gentri - I just said fun twice in one comment. Lame. sorry. haha!

Gentri - Fun! Those last two pics are so fun!

Katrina - You two are just the cutest, I can’t stand it (well, I can because I love it!) So adorable, and I love your hair like that!

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