Before I Met Him…

I didn’t really care about super hero movies, or anything related to super heroes, for that matter. Then as we got to know one another more, he asked me to sit down and watch some with him. He had to beg a little, I’m not gonna lie. But I did and now years later, I’m just as addicted and I’m right there next to him in the theater waiting to see the next movie coming out with just as much excitement. He’s always got his little things he loves and sometimes it’s hard for me to enjoy them, but once I get past my stubborn-ness and give in, I find myself just as obsessed. It’s safe to say Jimmy is a “nerd”. But I love that he likes to include me in his nerdy hobbies and although sometimes I would much rather blog than play LOTR online, if gaming with him means spending more time with him, then why should I pass on that? Of course I’m not perfect, and I don’t always agree to play. But I just think that’s a little taste of marriage for you. Learning to love the things my husband does because I love him, even if it doesn’t sound the least bit appealing at first. And it makes me smile when I see him doing the same, like agreeing to watch Tangled with me for the MILLIONTH time and singing all the songs by heart, just as I do.

So tonight he’s working and what am I going to do until he comes home? Have myself a little X-men movie marathon.

Victoria / Justice Pirate - how cute!!! Love your PJs

IsabellaKiss - i know what you mean. I am now becoming a professional watcher of Westerns, and I am expanding my knowledge of Xmen. never before would I have watched either…love is a funny thing. 🙂

Rachael the best one ever - I WATCHED XMEN LAST NIGHT TOO!!!!

Dust Mommah - This made me smile. I took golf lessons myself, just so I would have something in common with this one guy I had a crush on for the time he actually finally noticed my existence 😉

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