The First Snowfall.

October 30th marked the first official day of snow here in Alaska, and although some of you probably already have snow, and some of you also may be laughing as well, I’m super excited. But what do you expect from someone who’s been born and raised in Southern California? So yes…for now, I will celebrate and have lots of snow fights with Jimmy and Layla! Maybe I’ll grow tired of it, maybe I won’t. It’s taken me a while to get used to the weather changes as it is, and I’m still getting there…but we’re loving it! As you can see here, Layla and I played around outside while Jimmy was shoveled our driveway, a daily task we are required to do since we live on an Air Force base. I’m looking out the window and I’m seeing our driveway that has yet to be shoveled today…along with our walkway and sidewalk. The snow looks beautiful falling right now, but I definitely do NOT feel like going outside and shoveling at the moment…nope not one bit 🙂

Happy Snow Day!

The first snow of 2012. « - […] of playing outside, taking pictures, and shoveling together after the first snowfall of the year. Last year it was just the two of us and Layla, so it was fun bringing out the baby (bundled up, of course) […]

Victoria / Justice Pirate - We got snow in NJ that day too!! So weird since I would think Alaska would get it much earlier than i would!!!! How sweet you two are.

IsabellaKiss - I’m really enjoying the fact that Alaska got its first day of snow the day AFTER Connecticut got 8 inches…in october…and then lost power for a week and a half. Wow. What nonsense.

bethany - your snow photos are magical! i love layla’s gangly legs.

Holly - I can’t wait for it to start snowing around here! I know a lot of people disagree with me, but I love the snow! 🙂

Amanda - Oh so pretty! I’m in So-Cal so of course no snow here!

Haley K - Snow means…the holidays are just around the corner!! 🙂 I still get giddy when the first snow falls. And i loved the pics of you (in your fantastic hat!) your hubs and your sweet pup! Layla is adorable 🙂

jess craig - it’s so awesome checking up on you and seeing that you’re in ALASKA! we lived there (before the military) for 2 years, so i’m wellllllllllllllllll aware of all it’s glory! i think about you from time to time, and all the “advice” i gave… and well, i feel so guilty. it was purely my experience and i felt like i might have made you feel uncomfortable. i swear i’m not even a negative person! anyway, we’re getting out so things are getting better and we’ll be finally making our way to arizona soon. you look like you’re doing good! i hope so. 🙂

Kirsten - I’m so jealous! I’ve seen snow about three times in my life. I don’t think I could ever get sick of it!

Kandice - how exciting for the three of you! i bet layla loves it 🙂

super cute wreath, by the way. and i that photo of you right below the wreath is breathtaking!

Kathy - Thankfully, it hasn’t snowed here yet. I have the jackets, but not the boots for it!

Your door is adorable! It looks so festive!

Gentri - I love these pictures so much. We’ve gotten snow, but not a ton… yet. :/

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