The Newest Addition.

Oh how I have missed blogging! But with my business starting, maintaining our home, and making sure to spend quality time with my husband, there was just hardly any time.

But there was something else keeping us busy too…

Our new puppy, Layla!

Betcha thought I was gonna announce something else, huh? Hahah nope, not yet. Although our Layla is giving us some practice, that I will say. We adopted her from our friends here and have fallen in love. She’s as hyper as the next puppy and loves to nibble on your toes and ankles when you walk, play fetch, and go on walks (more like runs, when it’s just me) She’s an Australian Shepherd mix and around 8-9 months old. Aside from all her hyper puppy-ness though, she is theeee best cuddler. And that has been my favorite thing to do with her. That, and occasionally laugh at her clumsiness. We are over the moon excited!

Sara - haha she looks like she has super long legs! She’s so cute!

Lindsey - Wow, what a beautiful little lady!! I bet you’ll be able to teach her lots of tricks too, Australian shepherds are pretty intelligent!

Victoria / Justice Pirate - She looks so sweet. What an adorable dog!!

Juliet - She is gorgeous! Lucky you, I miss having a dog so much. Have fun x

Val - She is so cute, I love her skinny little legs!

amber, this is the life - she is a cutie!!! i think dogs really complete a family, i couldnt imagine life without our pup!

Gentri - OH MY GOODNESS!! She is BEAUTIFUL! I’m super jealous. I miss having a dog around. Love that last pic of her. 🙂 What a cutie! Congrats!

Viola - she’s adorable!

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