Aimee and Tim Davis, Anchorage, Alaska Photography

Does this pretty lady look familiar? I had the pleasure of taking her and her husbands photos. They were one of my first paid clients since I started my business, and one of my biggest supporters. Aimee and her family have been my guinea pigs quite a few times when I wanted to practice different styles of photography (children, boudoir, ect) and I always have so much fun with them. With this shoot, it was pure fun, flirty, and there was quite a bit of laughter involved. I’m surprised these images didn’t come out blurry because I was laughing most of the time! As you will see, not a lot of posing in this shoot. Just being themselves 🙂

Jennifer Hammer - it depends on the couple, to be honest. i have more experience with couples. probably more so than any other type of photography. but i’m really interested in doing senior portraits 🙂

Jennifer Hammer - thanks lady!

Jennifer Hammer - thank you so much!

Jennifer Hammer - oooh i will! is it downtown?

christina - Wow Alaska looks beautiful. Is it easier or harder to shoot couples compared to individuals?

Kim - Great photos! and I LOVE her boots 🙂

Victoria / Justice Pirate - Really so adorable

Amanda - Beautiful pictures!

jennifer blair - These are amazing girlie! I love the look of everything!

Faith - These look great! Nice work!

Tiffany - Love these! You are so great at capturing emotion and connection. Lovely, as usual 🙂

Gentri - Love these! Oh I miss Alaska. My friend just opened a boutique in anchorage! You should check it out!! It’s called hush blush. 🙂

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