Old outfits and weather changes.

As the title of this post states, these photos are a bit old. But I figured I’d post them anyway. It’s weird to look at them because I can notice how much the scenery has changed since then. The trees are no longer that vibrant green and are pretty much bare, and most of the leaves that have fallen on the ground are dead. And I’ll state the obvious…it’s flippin’ cold! Yes, I am a wuss, but seriously…the first snow fall is due any day now. While most of you are welcoming Fall, we are preparing for an early Winter!

Having Jimmy take my photos has been loads of fun for me cause I get to sneak in some mushy pics. But nonetheless, I got a Gorilla Pod to hold me over until my tripod gets here with our stuff. It’s for me to use on those days when my begging and puppy dog eyes won’t work 🙂

Laura - Hi,
I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your blog. I have probably been sat here for the best part of 45 minutes reading your blog. I just love reading about your life, and especially your little man! Auggie is so precious, congratulations!

koala - jennifer,

Although I am not generally commenting on blogs and sites, I must admit yours is so inspiring, I just can’t help it ; )). Your pictures are lovely and so is the way you are dressed… Keep on transmitting positive energy…! All the best… Alexia, from Athens Greece

Jennifer Hammer - what a sweet comment, thank you 🙂

Jennifer Hammer - hahah i know, right? it’s freeezing!

Jennifer Hammer - you’re so sweet, thank you!

Katrina - Your hair is gorgeous! And you and Jimmy are so very cute, it is so blatantly obvious how completely in love you are with each other!

Victoria / Justice Pirate - Your braid is perfect. It’s okay that the scenery has changed a bit. I want to see what you see out there!!!

christina - I am new to blogging, but I really like your blog! Any tips?

Gentri - LOVE the outfit! I so wish we could go back to days when outfits like this were able to be worn.

Kerstin - Your hair is so beautiful! Loving the outfit as well.

Charity - you’re so gorgeous! I love that sweater, too.

Joy - You look great!

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