Making A Home

Here are some updated photos of our humble abode. It’s been a long (almost) 4 months without our household goods that still have yet to come, and we made a few much needed large purchases for our new home, but other than that, most of the decor and small things you see around the house were either thrifted, handed down to us by our pretty amazing friends here, or less than $20. And thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been finding my inner crafty side that I never really knew existed. To say that I’m excited about our home coming together would be an understatement. Of course, home is wherever my husband is…but it’s nice to make the home we live in comfortable for the both of us, and at an affordable price 🙂

paper flowers made by me

DIY dry erase board

More paper flowers…I can’t get enough of them!

And I also have some news to share…I’m sure some of you have noticed that I’ve began posting my work here as well as my personal photos. Well, I just launched my Facebook Photography page! So if you’re a fan of my photos, feel free to “like” away!

Jen Hammer Photography

Jennifer Hammer - haha so do i! a lot of my DIY pins on pinterest are of wreaths 🙂

Jennifer Hammer - you should! they are so fun to make and almost therapeutic 🙂

Jennifer Hammer - thank you!!!

Jennifer Hammer - thanks girl 🙂

Bmar - It looks so sweet and clean. I remember my newlywed apartment. We were both working so hard and going to school but I loved cleaning my little apartment. I was so proud of us. It was the best feeling ever to have our own little space. I was coming from a household of 6 in a 2 bedroom mobile home. But we made it! Almost 18 years later we are still married and have a beautiful and happy home together.

Victoria / Justice Pirate - Everything looks sweet, neat, and organized!

Charity - I liked your page! and your front door looks so inviting 🙂 Pinterest is making me so much more adventurous, especially with baking!

jennifer blair - Yay! How cute! I love the wreath on your door. I have a slight obession with wreaths!

Jennifer - i love the paper flowers. they look very pretty and add something very chic to the house.

Faith - What a cute home! The paper flowers are a lovely touch!

Brooke @ Bright Wishes - LIKED! I love your home 🙂 It looks so cozy and I think I’m going to try those paper flowers!

Lindsey - Your place looks great, very cozy and homey like, I love it :] Those paper flowers are too cute!

Gentri - Love the red door! And congrats on the facebook page. 🙂

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