We built a fort.

We watched episodes of Modern Family on the laptop and kept up the fort for a few days longer than planned. These were taken a few weeks ago, but I am foreseeing lots of fort-nights in the months to come, with the darkness and all. A perfect way to bundle up for the long Winter ahead of us and make the most of being indoors. By that time I am suspecting our fort making skills will be excellent 🙂

Victoria / Justice Pirate - oh man I want to build forts with my boys. I love them. This is great and super sweet and romantic!!!

Holly - Awesome. I want to build a fort now, ha!

Stefany - Aww this is so sweet, what a great idea 🙂 xxx

Claudeen - So cute. I remember making forts as a kid! They were perfect things to make when it was rainy weather.

Brooke @ Bright Wishes - How fun!!! I am totally doing this 😀

elissiam - Hahaha awesome. That’s really cute. I want to make a fort!

Kandice - i see a fort mansion in your future and i wish you the best with it 🙂 this post is so adorable, jen!

my mind still gets boggled when thinking about it being night/day for months. i just can’t imagine.

Stephanie - this is too cute! I remember I loved making forts when I was a kid awww I wanna make one now hehe 🙂


Dusty Mommah - Good thing I taught my son how to build a great fort 🙂

Gentri - Aw! How fun is this?! These pictures are so sweet. 🙂

Haley K - YES. loved this 🙂 candle light in a cozy fort…while eating strawberries and watching Modern Family with your sweetheart?? that’s what I call mere perfection 🙂 We love forts but it’s been so long since we’ve built one…I think I’ll change that tomorrow 🙂

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