Today, I turned 25.

Well technically, to some of you, I didn’t. But as long as it’s the 17th here, it’s still my birthday. And I’m still milking it. (and also being the nerd that I am, was rushing to make this post before midnight so that it still counts)

Today was all in all, amazing. I am quite surprised that I didn’t crack and shed some tears over the fact that I’m in my mid twenties. I just simply enjoyed it. Got treated to a manicure by one of my besties here in Alaska, then came home to my sweet and selfless husband who is still recovering from his post wisdom teeth surgery and in a good amount of pain, who was determined to make sure my birthday was a memorable one. We went to a relaxing dinner, I got spoiled with some presents (a new lens that was used to take the pictures above and some home decor goodies) and came home to set up our new things. A great day indeed. I am thankful for my 25 years of life, my wonderful husband, the amazing friends I’ve made in our new state of residency, and most importantly, my God, who gave me life and well, everything.

So yes, today I turned 25.
But I still don’t look a day over Sixteen 😉

Rachel - I think I tried to comment on one of your way old pictures and I’m not sure if it worked or not. But you are beautiful. Truly a natural beauty. I just turned 25 and look young as well. It happens 🙂 I am loving your blog.

<3 Rachel

Haley K - Happy Belated Birthday Jennifer!! loved reading about your sweet day 🙂

PS – you are stunning. can’t wait to see more pics with that new lense of yours 🙂 Were those stellar fort shots taken with the new lense?

natalie - happy belated birthday! you make a beautiful birthday girl. Enjoy your 25th year!

Tiara - Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

Bmar - Happy Birthday to you. 25 is a great age!

Aiden - Happy Birthday!

Victoria / Justice Pirate - Awww 25 is great! Don’t cry though. 26 is harder since you’ll feel “closer to 30 than to 20”. That’s how I felt anyway.

You look more like you are 20 anyway.

Happy birthday!!!!

eeeeek. wisdom teeth removal is not fun. I went through that last year. Not enjoyable at all!

Faith - Happy Birthday! These photos are beautiful, and I hope it’s your best year yet!

jennifer blair - Happy birthday lovely!

bethany - you look beautiful. and that sounds like a lovely and perfect birthday.

Catherine - Your birthday is the same as my friend’s! 🙂 Sorry that I’m a day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Forever young is definitely a good thing <3

amber, this is the life - happy birthday!!!

Brooke @ Bright Wishes - Happy belated birthday!!! 🙂

suzy - happy {belated} birthday!!! 🙂

Michal - Happy birthday beautiful girl! These photos are precious. I’m glad you had such a memorable day. 🙂

Dusty Mommah - I get it, it’s the 17th an you don’t look a day older than yesterda, the 16th. I stll say you look 15.

Love yah, and love that son-o-mine, that cradle robber ;-)!

Gentri - Happy happy birthday! I’m so glad it was a good one!!

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